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Grow Space Employment Interest

What are we looking for?

Grow Space Vertical Farms is a brand new Vertical Farm located right in the heart of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and we are now looking for help! We're looking for part-time positions which would work well with other engagements like school, retirement or parenting.

The ideal Grow Space team member is locally involved, engage friendly with customers, be willing to educate the community on sustainability and health, and follow process well.

What should you expect working at Grow Space?

We are looking for help with the most fun part of what we do, growing produce! The job will include seeding lettuce and microgreens, harvesting produce, preparing orders, engaging with customers, cleaning equipment, and educating the community. All of this will be inside of our beautiful futuristic farm!

We're looking to hire 2-3 employees. Pay is between 12-13 dollars an hour. You will have opportunity to experiment in vertical farming, contribute to sustainability, build your resume for a future career, learn about agriculture, contribute to a first-in the community, and grow with us.

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