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Grow Space Mission Statement

We have four main goals that we hope to accomplish. We want to help to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. It is important to us to be accessible to all people at reasonable prices. As well as it is important for us to be hyper local where all of our produce is produced for the local area. Finally, we strive for the upmost efficiency in everything we do.


We want to do our part to combat the climate crisis. While we are very thankful to our farmers, modern farming methods are very strenuous our environment. Pesticides and fertilizers can be disastrous for the environment. Not only that, expanding space for agriculture means that many environments must be destroyed. At Grow Space, we grow our produce indoors meaning we can repurpose old buildings for grow spaces. All of this means that Grow Space is more sustainable than traditional agriculture.


It is hard for impoverished people to get access to high quality produce especially for a reasonable price. At Grow Space we want our prices to be as low as possible so that all people have access to high quality foods. People are now paying more money for groceries than ever before even though product quality isn't increasing. It is more expensive to buy groceries now, but everyone needs to have access to healthy and nutritious foods.


We only deliver within a four mile radius from our grow space. All produce is produced within the bounds of the city and isn't shipped from the otherwise of the country or sometimes world. To be considered locally raised, you need to be within 400 miles. Our produce is one hundred times more local than some of the other local foods that you can purchase. With long distances traveled, quality of the product typically decreases. With our produce being so local, it is simply fresher. Efficiency

We want to make sure that our entire process is as efficient as possible. We collect rainwater for our plants, and we filter it for the use of our plants. We also recirculate water. Unlike in traditional agriculture where thousands of liters of water are used daily, we recycle water. The same water can be used to water plants over many days. Not only that, we don't need to grow different crops seasonally. We can grow many different crops year round.

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