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Growing Forward: A Glimpse Over the Horizon for the New Crops from Grow Space Vertical Farms

Growing Forward: A Glimpse Over the Horizon for the New Crops from Grow Space Vertical Farms

We are excited to share with you the latest updates from our journey of sustainable urban farming. We are still in the very early stages of the farm, but we have made some good progress. So, we're excited to bring on new crops into our lineup over the next few weeks and months.

Current progress and the way forward

At the moment, we grow three types of crops for lettuce, and several others are in the pipeline. Besides our lettuce offering, we also have seven types of microgreens, and there are plenty of new varieties that we are developing, which are currently being tested. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in hydroponic farm operations continuously drives us for the expansion and improvement of the range of our existing product offerings.

Angela at the Kenosha Expo with a tower of Kale

Kale: The Future is Here

First up, we are so excited to say that our kale is about 4 to 5 weeks away. Versatile and nutrient-dense, perfect for salads, smoothies, or cooked dishes. Our hydroponically grown kale will be fresh, delicious, and pesticide-free, making sure you get only the highest quality.

Fresh Spinach: A Fresh Take on a Classic Green

A few weeks following the launch of kale, spinach will be added to our crops. Always a favorite because of its versatility and nutrition, spinach is also considered to be a "dirty crop," often testing high in pesticide residues in its conventional growth. In addition, studies have shown that the commercially grown spinach is said to have lost some of its past nutritional benefits due to soil depletion, etc. At Grow Space Vertical Farms, we are making sure we address these concerns head-on. We shall be engaging in clean pesticide-free Controlled Environment Agriculture in growing spinach so that you get to have safe-to-eat spinach, which shall be grown nutrient-rich. Using the hydroponic method optimizes these growing conditions for spinach, giving you vibrant, fresh leaves packed with minerals and vitamins.

Playing around with Strawberries

But we're not stopping at leafy greens. Co-founder Robert Carlson has exciting plans to experiment with growing strawberries indoors. We are building on previous successes and looking at how we can add strawberries to the crops we can grow. The strawberries, grown indoors, could be a unique fresh and local option for our customers, not fraught with the challenges that often come from outdoor growing, such as pests and very variable weather.

Continuous Innovation and Experimentation

And this, whether it is in perfecting the growth of leafy greens like kale and spinach, or in pushing the envelope on indoor-grown strawberries, we strive to reach the limits of what is possible with urban farming.

Keep up to date with our journey in bringing fresh, nutritious, and sustainable produce to your table first. Thank you for your continued support.

Join Us On This Journey

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