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Founding Membership

Become a Founding Member of Grow Space Kenosha

Join an exclusive group as one of the first 100 individuals to become a Founding Member at Grow Space Kenosha. This unique membership is a one-time opportunity to be at the forefront of sustainable agriculture and community-driven change in Kenosha.

Membership subscriptions start at  $7 every other week and 100% of your $150 founding membership subscription will be applied to your produce subscription.  

As a Founding Member, you'll receive unparalleled benefits that last a lifetime. Sign up today and grow with us.

Grow Space Vertical Farm Kenosha Building 2024


  • $150 Store Credit towards your future produce subscriptions 

  • Exclusive Access to tour the Farm for you and your invited guests

  • Name listed on Founding Member Gratitude Plaque on display in the Farm

  • Exclusive event invites

  • Early Access to new products and produce

  • Deliveries starting in April of 2024  

  • Grow Space Founding Member T-Shirt

Eternal Exclusivity

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to become a cornerstone of our mission.

The first 100 members will forge the path for a greener, healthier Kenosha, creating a lasting impact that extends far beyond our farm's boundaries.

Join us as we cultivate not just crops, but a brighter future for all. Sign up today and grow with us.

Microgreen Tray


The journey to becoming a Founding Member at Grow Space Kenosha begins with a $150 investment.

This amount isn’t just a fee; it's a direct investment in your future with us. As a thank you for your early support, we credit the full $150 back to your account, to be used toward your forthcoming produce subscriptions.

In essence, your initial contribution unlocks a world of exclusive benefits and fresh, sustainable produce at no additional cost.


"Founding members will give us the opportunity to transition into full developmental capacity slowly. By letting in people slowly, we can catch errors early and build a perfect lettuce-growing machine." -Robert Carlson, Co-Founder

Entrepreneur at Play

Ready to Sign Up?

If you are curious to learn more, or have a question either message us at, or visit our FAQs.

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