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Grow Space Update: Phase One Nearing Completion

Updated: Mar 8

In the heart of Kenosha, where the former Scandinavian Design Furniture building stands, a groundbreaking transformation is underway. Grow Space Vertical Farms is not just evolving in physical space; we’re pioneering advancements in sustainable urban agriculture. Our mission? To guarantee that every leaf grown within our walls is nurtured to its nutrient-rich best, under the most environmentally conscious conditions.

Innovation Through Automation

The journey began in June 2023, with a clear vision: to create a farm where technology and tradition merge for sustainability. Over the past months, the retrofitting of our indoor space has seen significant advancements. Our first major milestone was the completion of the retrofitting phase on the first of two floors, setting the stage for innovation.

Testing and automation have been at the core of our operation. Before any permanent installations, our farming equipment underwent rigorous trials in a temporary setup. This phase wasn’t just about ensuring functionality; it was about perfection. Our goal is to optimize nutrient delivery and environmental conditions – a quest for the ideal balance that only precision agriculture can achieve.

A Family’s Journey, A Community’s Future

Three generations of Carlsons, alongside esteemed area professionals, have poured their hearts and skills into this venture. The Carlson family’s dedication has been the foundation of the farm's development, touching every aspect of the buildout - from agricultural automation equipment to the down to the smallest of details. It’s a labor of love, a commitment to community, and a tribute to sustainable living that spans generations.

Local businesses, including Carpets Plus, Town and Country Glass, Lee Mechanical, and Rash Construction, have played pivotal roles in this transformation. Dooley and Associates has been instrumental in shaping our brand and amplifying our message and Sign-A-Rama has brought it to life by helping us reach hearts and minds across Kenosha and beyond.

As we stand on the brink of operational readiness, awaiting our occupancy certificate from the City later this March 2024, we reflect on the journey thus far and the road ahead. Grow Space Vertical Farms is more than a farm; it's a vision brought to life by a family, supported by a community, and dedicated to a planet.

Join Us On This Journey

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