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Sustainable Urban Farming.

Indoor Farming for Sustainable Living

As concerns over the environment continue to grow and produce is grown farther away than ever we are in need of a better way to grow produce. Grow Space hopes to help by providing high quality, nutrient dense, hyper local, hydroponic produce. Once we launch in early 2024, we will allow Kenosians to access this  produce more accessibly than ever before. Our lettuce will grow in the heart of Kenosha and we will deliver produce through a subscription system to customers exclusively in Kenosha.

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Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

How Will Grow Space Work?

See the complete journey that Grow Space wants to go through, and how it will impact you.

Indoor Farming

All of our lettuce will be grown indoors meaning there will be no pests, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or contamination. This allows for our produce to be the healthiest you can get especially in the winter.


All of our produce will be significantly better for the environment. Grow Space will use at least 90 percent less water, 81 percent less CO2 emissions (eventually zero emissions), and less than 95 percent of the land compared to traditional agriculture. 


Instead of your lettuce shipping from the other side of the country, you can get lettuce grown in Kenosha year round. We will deliver to all Zip Codes within a four mile radius. 


Grow Space lettuce will be some of the most nutritious lettuce you ever eat. Lettuce will be harvested the same day as it arrives at your door instead of two weeks in traditional agriculture. Pick-ups will never be more than two days old. Your lettuce (unless you want otherwise) will arrive alive with the roots still on.

All of our lettuce seeds are planted and sprouts are created


Some lettuce is aeroponically grown inside of towers.


Hydroponic Lettuce

Some lettuce is hydroponically grown inside of shelves.


All of our lettuce is harvested 7 weeks after seeding.


Orders are packed for pick-up and delivery same day as harvesting


Your lettuce is either delivered to your home, or picked up.


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Learn More

Grow to love us and find out more about our company on our about page filled with everything you could want to know about our business. 


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Do You Want to Start Growing?

There are many crops which can be grown hydroponically, but Grow Space will only grow lettuce and microgreens. Learn how to grow all kinds of different crops, and purchase your own home tower below!

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